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Information Edit

L8RG8R2U is one of the founding members of G.A.M.E. Before the channel started, L8RG8R2U had been making Let's Plays since February 2012. He met GreenCobrasGaming during his Super Mario Galaxy 2 series, TheJamesRolls during Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Pancakearmorman on Miiverse sometime in 2014. Together, the four friends had recorded many collaborative videos on L8RG8R2U's channel (mostly discussion videos) until Justin and James began discussing plans for a versus project on James's channel. This idea would go one step further when TheJamesRolls's pitched the idea of G.A.M.E.

Projects Edit

So far, L8RG8R2U has been involved in every project on G.A.M.E, although it has been confirmed that this won't always be the case.

G.A.M.Ers Involved Dates Notes
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Versus L8RG8R2U vs TheJamesRolls August 4th 2017 - September 22nd 2017 The first series on the channel
Mario Kart 8 Co-Op L8RG8R2U & GreenCobrasGaming October 16th 2017 - January 3rd 2018 The first co-op series, and the first not to involve TheJamesRolls
Splatoon Versus L8RG8R2U vs TheJamesRolls October 20th 2017 - December 15th 2017 Began shortly after L8RG8R2U's Let's Play ended
Super Mario 3D World Versus L8RG8R2U vs TheJamesRolls January 15th 2018 - February 26th 2018 Currently the series with the most rage moments
Splatoon 2 Versus L8RG8R2U vs TheJamesRolls March 26th 2018 - May 2nd 2018 L8RG8R2U's personal favorite project on the channel
Super Mario 3D Land Versus L8RG8R2U vs TheJamesRolls May 28th 2018 - July 6th 2018 The first series on G.A.M.E to be a handheld game
Sonic Generations Versus L8RG8R2U vs GreenCobrasGaming July 25th 2018 - ?/?/? The first versus project to involve GreenCobrasGaming
Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion Versus L8RG8R2U vs TheJamesRolls February 1st 2019 - ?/?/? The first versus focused only on DLC content

G.A.M.Er Score Edit

2 3 2

Trivia Edit

  • Real name is Justin R. James
  • Usually has a running gag every versus. Such as having a "sponsor" for every Super Mario 3D World Versus episode being a parody of TheJamesRolls's name, or having a musical parody at the end of every Splatoon 2 Versus episode
  • Another running gag involves L8RG8R2U questioning why he's involved in more projects. Because he won Mummy-Me Maze Forever during Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Versus (the most difficult level in the game), he automatically wins every project on G.A.M.E, even ones he's not involved in. TheJamesRolls would later counter this with a claim that he spoke to Marie first in Splatoon 2 Versus, which he believes makes him win everything
  • Favorite Squid Sister is Callie, although he's not shy in admitting Marina is his waifu
  • The Gaming Gallery series used to be on L8RG8R2U's channel before being moved to G.A.M.E